And so I choose to begin again

And so I choose to begin again

I have decided to resurrect my blog after two years of neglect. So much has happened, so much much has changed over those two years, including me.

My work moved online, I did a myriad of courses and moved to Cornwall during the pandemic. . I created an online membership, a live online course, and when the restrictions were lifted, I ran my first weekend retreat and began in-person sessions again.

Then I pressed pause on all of it in June 2022 and moved in with my parents to support them through the first few months of my father’s chemotherapy. 

I made the choice to stop it all, (except my online one to one sessions), because I knew I did not have the headspace or the energy bandwidth to give my all to my work and my family.

In addition to this, a week before my father’s chemotherapy began, I was diagnosed with ADHD. My whole world was turned upside down, but bizarrely in a good way which I will share over the coming weeks.

Tens months later, I now feel I have gained so much insight into myself and others. I feel I have so much more clarity on what I want to do and share, as if I have come out of a thick fog, and this blog is part of that sharing component.

The main intention for this blog is to share a variety of subject matter on mind, body and energy health, (from my knowledge and some interviews with others), in the hope you will find them either useful, educational, or interesting.

The other intention is I will brave enough to open up and be vulnerable about my own lessons, challenges and solutions in the hope to help anyone else going through something similar. I believe there is a comfort in knowing you are not alone with some of your thoughts, emotions, intuitions and challenges. Perhaps they may help you or someone else understand what others might be experiencing.

If there is a subject you would like me to cover, please let me know by clicking here.