It can difficult for adults to understand or express how they are feeling at times, let alone a child. Negative thoughts and destructive emotions may create blockages of flow of energy that can lead to emotional and physical imbalances. For example; these imbalances could arise in the form of fears, anxiety, bed wetting, to name a few. Or perhaps food sensitivities may be present that may contribute to tiredness, tummy aches, or skin conditions. There is no one fix that fits all, that is why the modalities mentioned below are ideal to help children (and adults) as they don’t need to know or talk about what is bothering them- the body with reveal what is needed through gentle muscle testing. Kinesiology, Heartspeak and Retained Primitive Reflexes can take the guesswork out of what is needed to help you have a happy, healthy child.
Please note- when working in-person with babies and younger children, it is necessary to use a surrogate, this can be the mother, father or a friend. This can be explained in more detail during your free consultation call, before booking an appointment. (Click HERE to book a free call first.)

First session up to 90 minutes £80
Subsequent sessions up to 60 minutes £60
NB: Online sessions for 5 years old and under: £40 (40 minutes).

I took my 11 year old daughter to see Melinda. She was suffering with mild-medium anxiety, tummy aches, confidence issues and the start of body image issues. One session with Melinda confirmed her tummy issues were not food related, but emotion related. We now have a confident daughter, who is talking openly about any worries and even coming up with her own solutions. She is open about her sadness. She has not had a single tummy ache since. She’s happy and confident. Melinda recommended some great supplements and set some homework too. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Melinda. She has helped my daughter without judgement, all the while making us both feel comfortable. Thank you!
Kellee Howgill- UK
Both of my children have been treated and I am due to have an appointment next Saturday. Melinda is so lovely, friendly, funny & capable. Would highly recommend as a Kinesiologist.
Denyse Hanna- UK
I’m so glad my friend recommended Melinda. In the last year I’ve had several treatments for myself and my children, all on zoom (which is astonishing how effective it is)! I’ve recommended her to clients and friends around the world and she has been great with them all. The best thing for me is knowing I can ask her literally anything - gut issues, skin, fears, direction in life, task priorities, and she sorts it all through the session. My kids have loved the way she listens carefully to them, they trust her, and she has a wonderful way of helping them make sense of their challenges. I’d absolutely recommend Melinda, even if you’ve never had kinesiology before, she’ll take care of you!