Update- Flower Remedies and Session times

As we all know, there have been never ending price increases last and this year! I have been looking at ways to keep costs down, as well as utilising my time better, without increasing my prices or charging for the flower remedies/ postage and I have found a way!

Flower Remedies
During a kinesiology session, when flower remedies are needed, a bespoke bottle is always made up to be taken away or put in the post for no extra charge. This is not always cost effective or good for the environment. Therefore, going forward, everyone will still receive a 30ml bottle flower remedy with a pipette as normal in their first session. For any subsequent sessions in September onwards, I am going to be rolling out the below 5ml bottles that have no plastic, they can be recycled easily and they will reduce postal costs. These 5ml bottles will hold your bespoke flower remedy and will just need to be poured into your original 30ml bottle. Instructions will be given in your aftercare email on how and what to top up the 30ml bottle with. 

Session times
I always try to fit as much in as I can within the session time, but this is not always possible and I have overrun in my appointments, which is not not good practise on my part with managing my time and it can effect other people’s appointments. Therefore, from September, you will have the option of paying for extra time in increments of 15 minutes for £15. This allows me to keep my prices at their current rates and still give people the option to pay for more time should they wish.