HeartSpeak is an exciting, highly effective, emotional healing and stress reduction tool developed by Dr. Anne Jensen.

HeartSpeak uses the premise that there are two parts to the mind: The Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind. Our Emotional Mind is often the seeker of ‘truth’ that is so often drowned by our Logical Mind.

Yet being separated from your truth is one of the classic triggers of anxiety, depression and self-loathing. The Emotional Mind just feels. There is often no logic attached. Nonconscious, automatic learned behaviours can keep us ‘stuck’ without us even being aware. 

HeartSpeak targets the Emotional Mind, and tackles these unwanted, learned behaviours quickly and effectively. Emotional stress can cause all kinds of symptoms – physical pain, digestive disorders, anxiousness, depressed mood, low self-esteem, and not reaching your full potential. HeartSpeak is a non-invasive stress reduction system, which is personal, private and very powerful.

During a HeartSpeak session, using minimal gentle muscle testing, layers of harmful emotions, feelings, and reactions are systematically resolved in a safe environment. There is no need to divulge your innermost secrets or talk about your ‘issues’- you simply feel your way through a session. You will explore these undesired feelings – without having to describe, explain or rationalise them.

That’s right – you do not need to TALK about your problems!

HeartSpeak is: Fast – it typically takes only one or two sessions for clients to experience results.
Friendly – HeartSpeak gently listens to and works with the heart and emotions, rather than against them, delivering answers about repeated patterns.
Fear-busting – HeartSpeak helps break old, fearful, futile patterns so healthier, more expansive ones can quickly emerge.

"I took my 11 year old daughter to see Melinda. She was suffering with mild-medium anxiety, tummy aches, confidence issues and the start of body image issues. One session with Melinda confirmed her tummy issues were not food related, but emotional related. We now have a confident daughter, who is talking openly about any worries and even coming up with own solutions. She is open about her sadness. She has not had a single tummy ache since. She's happy and confident. Melinda has helped my daughter without judgement, all the while making us both feel comfortable."
Kellee Howgill