“..everything is energy & that’s all there is to it…there can be no other way…this is physics..” Albert Einstein.

‘Remote’ or ‘Distance’ sessions are termed as such when you and I are in different locations. The actual distance between us is unimportant – we could be in different counties or countries.
All remote appointments, in all the modalities that I offer, work in the same way as an ‘in-person’ appointment except you are in the comfort and convenience of your own home and we communicate through Zoom/ Skype/ FaceTime/ Messenger, (whatever is your preference).  CLICK HERE to arrange a free no obligation consultation call.


We begin with an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and needs, then I will self surrogate (muscle test) on your behalf, focusing on the areas that have been discussed and the areas that need to be addressed. In summary, I connect to your energy, use my own muscles in place of yours and so I am able to discover your imbalances and in turn, use my tools to rebalance and remove any blockages.

I may also guide you to hold or massage certain neuro-vascular or neuro-lymphatic points if needed. Everything is explained and demonstrated clearly, so you have nothing to worry about. All findings are discussed, followed by an email with in-depth aftercare. If any bespoke flower remedies are needed, these are sent in the post at no extra charge.

So how does it work? Through a deeper awareness of the laws of Quantum Physics. At a fundamental level, everything is energy, us, the universe, all objects around us and modern science is beginning to explain the phenomenon that most ancient civilisations have known for millennia – that energetic healing is possible and effective. Kinesiology, along with all that I do, is effectively energy work.