Rest & Reflection 2021

Rest & Reflection 2021

For me (& the pooch) today is about rest and reflection.
Reflecting on what’s been and reflecting on what is possible for 2021.
To me, it feels like there is so much that is possible this year, so many changes to come for me. Transformations have already taken place for me and my clients – whether they be subtle or huge- and we continue to move forward and transform with the endless possibilities that are out there.
As I wait for our house move date to be confirmed, (who knows when that will be), this month, some beautiful souls and I, are starting on a 4 week journey next week.
While packing up the house and mentally preparing myself for a total life change, I have neglected taking care of myself. Through bad nutritional choices, I have become tired, I have not been using my body except to walk the dog.
I asked myself, why would I not take care of myself properly? Be mindful of what I do and don’t put in my body? Why do I find it difficult to move my body daily, to strengthen my heart, keep my bones strong and use my muscles to help support those bones?
Lack of self care? Why would I not prioritise taking care of myself? When I put my heart and soul into encouraging others to prioritise self care?
So this changes now. I asked in my free fb group first, if anyone felt the same and wanted to join me? It seems I’m not the only one and we start next week.
I have 5 spots left. We are keeping this small & personal as there will be 1-1 and group sessions.
I will share parts of my January journey with you here, because we all need some accountability right?
If you like the sound of this and would like to know more, send me a message through the contact page and I can send you the link to the replay of my mini free workshop. 💗🌟