Virgo Vibes and how to use them

Virgo Vibes and how to use them

You may have already felt compelled to instil some order into your life, whether you care about astrology or not. Virgo season always a great time to get get organised, have a clear out, make plans, organise your diary as well as looking at your health and lifestyle choices. I’ve already had a huge clear out, bought a wall calendar, redecorated the bathroom and rearranged my office!

This is also an excellent time for booking any health/ doctor/ dental appointments you have been avoiding or even just working on getting enough sleep. Virgo is the season to care for yourself the same way you would for a friend you really love.

Virgo season can bring clarity of direction and intention. Reviewing the self through behaviours, especially related to routines and habits. I have already begun looking at how I can take care of myself better physically by feeding myself with better foods, at more regularly intervals, remembering to drink water and looking at ways to move my body that I find enjoyable. 

I took time out from social media this summer, initially to support family through something, but I also used that time to try and understand myself better.

  • How I have hindered myself with my preconceived views.

  • How I have created so many of my own obstacles with my thoughts. (Thoughts are so powerful, they are the spark of creation.)

  • How I have absorbed so much information in my life as fact….resulting in should should should!

  • I had been my own worst enemy instead of being my own best friend. 

  • I had been looking for answers, acceptance, recognition, understanding, guidance, happiness from everywhere else accept from myself. 

So I went within. 

Reconnecting to the wisdom of within, my guides, my spiritual side, once again. Noticing the messages, signs and guidance that have always there, while I had been stumbling around in the dark feeling lost.

I began paying attention to my energy, what makes it expand, what makes it contract, and why? Only now I am listening to my body and it’s not happy. I have always understood what others need but never really taken the time to truly listen to myself.  

So during the energy of Virgo season, I invite you to start taking the time to listen to what your mind body and soul is trying to share with you. Really understand yourself. There may be some hard truths in there that you don’t want to face but its worth it. Any yearning you may have for someone to be there for you 100%, no matter what, is all there within you. 

What is so wonderful about this, is that it will change your relationship needs and responses, because you are not looking to others to give you what is already within you. Life becomes so much better, lighter, more fun, less disappointment, anger, frustration, when you learn and take responsibility for your own needs, then give them to your self. It’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

So take this time to look at how you can love and care for your self better. What can be organised better to make your life easier? What needs to be cleared out? What do you want to bring into your life? Visualise how you want your life to be, then break it down into smaller steps of how to get there. Take this as an opportunity to have a fresh start to lay the foundations of how you want to live your life going forward.