What does your soul yearn for?

What does your soul yearn for?

Do you ever stop to feel what your soul yearns for?⁠

I am always interested in what the mind and body needs and how it all works, but its also important to connect with your inner being, your higher self, whatever you prefer to name it, its the essence of you.⁠

It’s the full moon tonight. The time to put out your crystals to clean and recharge, the time to review what it is you want to release emotionally and physically.⁠

I read somewhere that August is about abundance, connecting with the inner child and having fun.⁠

Whatever you decide to focus on this month, take a moment to be still and reflect on what does your inner being need? Quiet time, more joy, more self-love, a more focused purpose? ⁠

Perhaps tonight, take a moment in the moonlight and connect with your soul. If you listen, it may just tell you what exactly it needs.⁠