What’s with all the exercise?!

What’s with all the exercise?!

In case you missed it, I have been sharing my exercise journey in my instagram stories since the beginning of January.
Messages have been coming in saying I have inspired people to get moving (amazing!), or people have been reaching out to cheer me on. (Thank you!)

Today a dear friend messaged me and said what’s with all the exercise? She asked this because 1) I’ve just moved house to Cornwall (exhausting!) and 2) I’m predominantly a kinesiologist-along with other modalities that help with the mind body & spirit.

I also run group programmes to help people with limiting beliefs and anxiety (Set Yourself Free Journey) and recently (The Health Journey) to help with people’s subconscious blocks that prevent then from looking after themselves through self love, healthy eating, and moving their body.

The amazing exercise programmes I have been following are something completely separate to my above work, but they also fit so perfectly.
If you have been following me, it’s not a secret that I have suffered with anxiety in the past and exercise helps! I am naturally an introvert, (gyms make me feel self conscious), I always saw myself as not being being ‘one of those women’ who do exercise everyday, use weights etc.

However as time ticks on, I realised how unfit I was. It wasn’t about having the perfect body but it was about feeling good and living longer. Both sides of my family have had heart attacks and cancer; I am in my late 40’s, so decided it was time to take action, it was time to get moving!
These programmes allow me to get fit at home AND feel part of something without leaving my house.

So that’s why I share vids of a sweaty me jumping around in my stories. It gives me accountability and I hope, continues to inspire others to move too.
You are always welcome to join me, there is no criteria except that we support and cheer each other on 💗