Why didn’t it come up before? (Pt 1)

Why didn’t it come up before? (Pt 1)

‘Why didn’t it come up before?’ I have never had a client say this to me, but I can almost guarantee they have thought it. Or sometimes they might say or ‘Why isn’t [insert problem] coming up to be addressed? I’ve thought it myself when I first started having kinesiology sessions, before I was fully trained.

I understand it can be frustrating too. You have a physical issue you want dealt with, but emotions come up as the main or first priority?! You’ve paid for a ninety minute session with your hard earned, sometimes limited, cash and you just want it sorted now! Arrghhh! 
Or you wonder why something new has come up in your second or third session, why didn’t it come up in the first one?!

I get it, wholeheartedly. I have been there. Unfortunately, it’s just not how it works, how we work, as complex multi layered beings. When one layer is healed or cleared, then the next one reveals itself, what is needed and so on. Your body and non/ sub-conscious mind knows exactly which layer needs to be addressed and in what order. That unfortunately doesn’t always match the order we want. The symptom we want addressed can be exactly that, just a symptom, but it’s not the root cause. That is the beauty (and frustration for some) of Kinesiology, it addresses the root cause, only in the order that your body/ mind knows is necessary to reach it’s end goal- optimum health and balance. Whereas your focus is on fixing the symptom as quickly as possible. 

Our cells are part of ‘micro societies’ which are constantly adjusting to the environment sending and receiving millions of signals in the form of chemical molecules. Every cell of your body carries an intelligence and a memory. Every organ is permeated with energies that carry information. 

Information transfer at the cellular or atomic level. (Image source iStock)

Your nervous system is an electrical energy system, an intelligence, that automatically drives millions of processes in your body every second. Your body is an energy driven, energy managed machine.

Our physical body is the final ‘layer’ of many and any physical symptoms we experience are our body’s final cry for help. Our bodies are constantly sending us messages and its quite possible you would have been receiving messages way before you had the gastrointestinal upset, digestive problem, sleep issue, skin condition, or joint pain, you get the picture.

Perhaps you had been feeling more tired than usual, waking up in the middle of the night at the same time, feeling stressed, anxious, low mood, more emotional than normal, struggling with the normal day to day or just feeling a bit off, not your usual peaceful/energetic/ bubbly self? These are all messages. 

(Continued next time in Part Two…….)